• MikroTik Certified Network Associate


    Is a program prepared for the educational path for students to learn MikroTik. By utilizing MikroTik devices as a learning tool and organizing MTCNA training and certification programs.

  • Rektor UTS

    Mr. Chairul Hudaya

    Mikrotik Certified Network Associate, is a training that helps you to understand what is needed in implementing a Mikrotik-based network.

    Mr. Chairul Hudaya
  • I Made Widiarta, S.Komp., M.M.Inov., MTCNA, MTCRE

    Our Trainer

    Since childhood, I have always been interested in information technology, art and sports. These interests not only became hobbies, but also taught me about perseverance, hard work and dedication.

    Our Trainer


    UTS Mikrotik Academy


    Cooperation with the company MikroTik (Latvia) to improve the quality of student graduates who have International Certification in the field of networking.


    Adopt MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) curriculum and material content in Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) in theory and practicum according to the needs of DU / DI


    Receive assistance from MikroTik devices (RouterBoard) as well as support and information from MikroTik as a learning tool, especially in practicum activities.


    Provided MikroTik's MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Associate) international training and certification program to students of Sumbawa University of Technology.

    5 Excellence

    Mikrotik Academy

    1. Can take Mikrotik training material more freely.
    2. Can take international Mikrotik certification exams directly.
    3. There are no training and certification exam fees.
    4. The training is delivered by a Sumbawa Technology University Lecturer who has received a Mikrotik Academy Trainer certificate so that it is easier to interact and understand the material.
    5. Participants who take part in MTCNA training are students of Sumbawa Technology University who are ready to take part in MTCNA class activities.
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    Mikrotik Academy

    MTCNA class is a basic class that must be passed to be able to follow advanced classes. This class will discuss almost all MikroTik features but in general and basic terms. Training lasts for 3 - 4 days depending on the readiness of the participants.


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