Mikrotik Academy

MikroTik Academy is an educational program hosted by MikroTik, a company that develops networking hardware and software. The program is designed to provide formal training and certification to individuals interested in learning and mastering MikroTik technologies and products.
MikroTik Academy offers a series of courses and learning materials covering a wide range of topics, including network configuration, network management, network security, routing, switching, hotspots, wireless, and more. The courses are designed to meet the needs of beginners to advanced levels, so that anyone can start from the basics and then improve their knowledge over time. The program collaborates with educational institutions, such as universities, colleges, and training institutes in various countries.

MikroTik Academy provides learning materials, practical guides, and training modules to help educators deliver knowledge to students effectively.
MikroTik Academy also offers a certification program, where participants can take exams to earn official MikroTik certifications. This certification is proof that the individual has recognized knowledge and skills in using and managing MikroTik devices.
Through MikroTik Academy, individuals can gain in-depth knowledge of networking technologies and MikroTik products, which can be used in various networking environments, such as enterprises, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), wireless service providers, and so on.