Intellectual Property Center

Intellectual Property Center

The Intellectual Property Rights management unit or now known as the Intellectual Property Center (IP Center) of the UTS was established at the end of 2019, which was originally known as the Intellectual Property Rights Sub-directorate, under the coordination of the Directorate of Research and Innovation of UTS. In 2020 the IPR Sub-Directorate will become the UTS IP Center office under the coordination of the UTS Vice Rector III with the main function of managing the IP produced by UTS and the surrounding community. Its main task is to increase the acquisition of IP in the Tridharma PT activities and to facilitate the management of IP for the UTS academic community and the community. Along with organizational restructuring at UTS, currently the IPR management unit at UTS has become the IPR Sub-Directorate (Subdit), UTS Directorate of Research and Innovation (DRI) which is structurally under the coordination of the Vice Rector for Research and Cooperation.

Overall, there are 12 human resources (HR) who run the UTS DRI organization, of which 3 people are the core HR of the IPR Sub-Directorate. The UTS DRI work system in carrying out its activities is not only carried out by core members, but also supported by staff from other divisions. IP at UTS is managed by competent human resources in the field of IP, this is due to increasing competence and skills. UTS DRI staff are involved in various trainings, workshops, and seminars related to IP in which it will be planned to participate in IP abroad, which is organized by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham), Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and others.

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Main Tasks and Functions

The main task of UTS DRI is to carry out strategic tasks and develop leading research, prospective innovations, and UTS scientific publications in order to increase UTS’ role and contribution to technology development and innovation to increase the nation’s competitiveness.

Functions of DRI
  1. Development of Research Master Plan (RIP) and research and innovation database.
  2. Providing UTS excellent research pioneering facilities and national and international research collaborations.
  3. Implementation of coordination to increase the utilization of research institute capacity through the principle of resource sharing.
  4. Implementation of coordination of scientific publications that have a reputation at national and international levels.
  5. Implementation of coordination of programs to increase acquisition, management, dissemination, and utilization of patents, intellectual property rights, and others.
  6. Implementation of the dissemination and utilization of prospective innovations through increasing the role of innovation galleries and a vehicle for the interaction of stakeholders including academia, private sector, government, and society.
  7. Implementing the diffusion and acceleration of prospective innovations to stakeholders including the private sector, government, and the community through innovation incubation programs, technopreneurship, and mentoring.

About us

UTS IP Services

  • IP Protection Strategy Consultation
  • Patent Drafting (Patent Drafting)
  • Writing of Patent Document Specifications (Patent Drafting)
  • Registration of IP to the DJKI of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights or the Center for Plant Variety Protection and Agricultural Licensing (PVTPP Center) of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Training and Seminar
  • Promotion of Technology/Innovation

UTS IP Achievements

  • 21 Copyrights until 2020
  • 1 Brand until 2020
  • 1 Industrial Design up to 2020