If you are going to be our student or simply visit Sumbawa, we would love to invite you to explore our campus and testify to the atmosphere of UTS as a comfortable and enjoyable house of learning.

UTS is located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. For further details, you are pleased to contact our Call Center  every Monday – Friday, at 08.00 – 16.00 Central Indonesia Time

Campus Tour

During the Campus Reorientation period, known as RESPEK, the prospective new students will be carried to stroll around the campus, such as the faculty buildings, laboratories, library and many more. This activity will be led by the seniors. UTS is also open for the people’s visit to the vegetation area called public creativity space (RPK). The further information can be accessed through Campus Life and the information of the admission can be accessed through

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Explore UTS

When visiting UTS, When visiting UTS, you will be welcomed by green campus ground and a sturdy hill marking the Olat Maras Valley, the education and innovation centers on growing. The hill is called Olat Maras which means the Hill of Happiness in the local language of Sumbawa. When you first enter the campus area, you will see the Orange Building, which is the Faculty of Economics & Business. On the opposite side, located in the higher ground,  is the compound of the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Communications, and the Faculty of Agricultural Technology situated next to each other. A long line of irrigation canals stretching from Batu Bulan dam passes the campus ground and branches out into many smaller ones reaching the vast farmland all the way to the coastal areas.

Moving along that canal, you will arrive at the main location of our campus where the Rectorate Building, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Biotechnology are located, along with the university library and laboratories buildings. This is where the mosque and the main field are located. To the Southwest, there is a Sport hall  and Public Creativity Space that is situated  by a lake. There is a nicely built Cafe by the lake where students and staff usually have their lunches and afternoon coffee with the view of the lake and the Olat Maras Hill as a background. This open air green space is usually utilized by students to have extra activities after class or to have  UTS equipped with the Student Dormitory to accommodate students from beyond Sumbawa Regency. Private vehicles such as motorcycles and cars are the common transportation used by the employees and students, thus, UTS provides the parking area on each building.

What's in UTS?

 History, culture and the surrounding scenery become an attraction to the visitors.

  • Public Creativity Space (RPK) surrounded by lake and shady vegetation as a comfortable zone to where creative innovation and solution were born. 
  • The pleasant Sports Arena (GOR) 
  • Wide field where many student activities and event conducted
  • In-campus hill, Olat Maras, where you can see over the Moyo Hulu district and surround
  • Affordable food and beverages 
  • Science Techno Park, a medium for science and technology based of innovation growth
  • Seed House, the campus greening center
  • Farming House, learning area with the practical-based
  • Student Dormitory that provides the sense of family among the diversity of students
  • ATM