UTS offers a wide range of academic programs, enabling both academics and students to reach their full potential. Leading the field across 8 faculties and the Graduate School, our institution brings solutions to complex global issues through science and innovation. Being a comfortable and enjoyable home for learning, UTS is positioned as one of the most relevant universities in eastern Indonesia.

We give the chance to students to work hand in hand with the lecturers based on their academic backgrounds to present innovation in terms of research to solve global issues. UTS is expected to become a global center of intellectual property rights and be able to become a forum for academics and innovators to always provide benefits to society in an inclusive and sustainable manner in the future.

School, Faculties, and Study Programs

Our faculties help to set the global standards in all disciplines. Facilities and infrastructures become the supporting tools for the success of the learning and teaching process. So, we provide adequate facilities such as E-learning, Libraries, Language Center, Creative Public Space, Dormitory, Laboratories, etc.

Learning Environment

Keeping its relevance to the swiftly changing world, UTS strives to provide the best education that suits the demand of the workforce in the increasingly interconnected world. Thus, the university has implemented the “Kampus Merdeka” (University Freedom) where the university has greater autonomy than in the past in creating its policy such as opening new programs and constructing curriculum best for today’s demand. Under the Directorate of Student Affairs, we develop students’ interests and talents through various extracurricular activities, while for the career development of alumni we provide a Career Development Center. UTS also supports the development of religious spirit in line with academic activities.