Admission + Aid

Admission + Aid

UTS is the only technology-based university located in West Nusa Tenggara that puts forward innovation and collaboration in every study program encompassing STEM and Social Humanity area. We embrace people who possess the spirit of exploration to invent ideas and innovation. Our campus is an enjoyable house of learning for our students to maximize their fullest potential.

We welcome all the prospective students from all backgrounds to be a part of UTS academia. UTS was established with the idea that talents and creative ideas can be derived from anywhere and it will lead us to the harmony of diversity. Our students came from beyond West Nusa Tenggara province, as well as our international students from 20 countries that were distributed into both undergraduate and postgraduate programs through scholarship.


The admission process for new undergraduate students to all the study programs can be accessed through the Admissions Office. We prepared our graduate students to pursue their careers from various disciplines and backgrounds. For the further information of the admissions process, kindly refer to the and check the Campus Life out for more.

Parallel Class

Paralel class is an undergraduate program organized by the University with the aim to support long life learning through providing access for high school graduates who have postponed their higher education. This program is equivalent to continuing their education to the Bachelor degree level and does not have any maximum age limit. The further information regarding the application process  of this Parallel Class can be accessed through