About UTS

About UTS

Education without limits,  UTS  a comfortable home of learning to build your future.

In 2013, Sumbawa University of Technology (UTS)  was founded with a mission to catalyze social and economic development in Eastern Indonesia by providing high-quality education. The presence, of the UTS offers the opportunity to study in the region, not only for Indonesian students but also for international learners, creating a global atmosphere where learning thrives, and new professionals and future leaders, emerge. Located in the foothill of Olat Maras —which means Hill of Happiness in the local Sumbawa language—, this young university hosts hundreds of faculty members and researchers as well as thousands of students from all over Indonesia. This mix creates a multi-cultural interaction in this small and peaceful village outside the town of Sumbawa Besar on the beautiful Island of Sumbawa.

UTS is committed to being a comfortable home of learning for the students to grow their fullest potential through learning, research, innovation, and community service. As a young and promising university, UTS is aware of global issues and advocates for the development of green technology and environmental sustainability through science.  UTS offers excellence across the  31 study programs in the area of  Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STME), Humanity and Art, and Economics. 

The university embraces and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit within the educational community by supporting the creation of new start-ups and ventures that contribute to the regional economic growth, based on the local potentials. Aware of the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship, the university strives to become an Entrepreneurial Campus with an ecosystem that empowers young students to develop new businesses, by making use of innovations, local resources, and new technologies. 

UTS has accomplished remarkable national and international achievements. One of the most notorious recognition was the Award of the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) achieved by the student team of synthetic biology research who won the worldwide competition held in Boston, the USA in 2014.

Key Facts



March 14, 2013


Grooming the Future Leaders



Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa, NTB, IDN

Land Area

60 Hectares with >500 Ha of forest management permit


2 separated building for male and female

Park and green area

> 80%

Admission in 2020

Number of students


Number of graduates










Rectorate UTS (2013)


Rectorate UTS (2023)


UTS committed to conduct good and measurable governance by providing broad and equal education access to generate excellent and noble character graduates. Also, we dedicate ourselves to encouraging students to not only pass the academics yet to conduct research and implement community service nationally and globally.


Niken Saptarini Widyawati, SE. M.Sc.
UTS 5th Rector, Feb 2024 – present

The presence of a university must certainly be a wellspring of goodness, wisdom and knowledge to answer thirst in the community.

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