UTS does not only serve academic supplies but we will invite our academia to discover and hone their potential in order to fit the employment opportunities. The leadership ability, one of the supporting skills needed, will be guided to improve achievements that can drag them closer to their goals.

UTS has graduated 1413 alumni who have successfully performed in various fields. In addition, they also produce many works, some in the form of films, both documentaries and fiction, various efficient technologies that facilitate work, as well as other products that come from the creative hands of UTS alumni.

Our Alumni distributed to various regions in Indonesia. According to the Alumni Tracer Studi 2020, 50,23% have entered the workplace. Some of them worked as staff in UTS as well as in government institutions. 11,52% established business and played the role of entrepreneurs. The remaining 5,07% were distributed to various countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Poland, US to pursue their Master degree.

Alumni News

In their community or profession, UTS alumni play an important role in realizing our vision to grow human beings with empathy, caring and being able to spread benefit to the universe. Through UTS alumni news, the UTS Alumni Association (IKA UTS), you will be able to see the extraordinary impact of our graduates.