A New Era of Transportation:  Kaleang, the Sumbwa Eco-Friendly Electric Car

The University of Technology Sumbawa (UTS) has made yet another major contribution to promoting sustainability and innovation with the creation of the eco-friendly electric car “Kaleang”. Following the success of the university’s previous start-up, the NgebUTS electric bikes, Kaleang is a testament to UTS’s commitment to social responsibility, interdisciplinary collaboration, and sustainable development. The car was produced with the involvement of UTS lecturers and students, showcasing the importance of teamwork in addressing complex challenges and finding green solutions to local and global issues.

Kaleang is not just a technological innovation but a symbol of UTS’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future for Indonesia. The vehicle’s features, including a 1.2 kW motor and a 4 kWh battery, allow it to travel up to 89 kilometers on a single charge, making it a practical and affordable transportation option for environmentally conscious individuals. The car’s innovative design and practicality have also made it an attractive option for investors interested in supporting sustainable projects. The production of Kaleang aligns perfectly with UTS’s objective of promoting renewable energy usage in Indonesia. With the country’s reliance on fossil fuels causing environmental challenges, including pollution and carbon emissions, the creation of an eco-friendly car in the Sumbawa Besar is a significant step towards mitigating these issues and supporting a sustainable future. 

The interdisciplinary approach taken by this start-up highlights the importance of collaboration in addressing complex issues such as climate change. UTS’s dedication to promoting sustainability and innovation is not just limited to producing electric cars, but extends to other areas as well. The university has also implemented various green initiatives, such as using recycled materials in construction and the use of cold storage powered by solar energy for fishermen of Bungin Island, to promote sustainable development.

The success of NgebUTS and the creation of Kaleang demonstrate UTS’s position as a leader in promoting sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility in Indonesia. By encouraging collaboration among students, lecturers, and entrepreneurs, UTS is paving the way for a brighter, greener future. With the continued success of projects such as NgebUTS and Kaleang, the university will undoubtedly inspire other institutions and organizations to prioritize sustainability and innovation in their operations, making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future for Indonesia and beyond.

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