UTS Forges Strategic Partnership with Prominent South Korean Institution

UTS Rector, Dr. Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D., embarked on an insightful international working visit to South Korea on November 7, 2023, marked by a series of strategic endeavors. At the forefront of these initiatives was the ceremonial signing of a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UTS and Kookmin University/Energy Internet Research Center in South Korea. The MoU, orchestrated by the Director of Kookmin University, Dr. Yeong Min Jang, stands as a testament to the profound collaboration between these two esteemed institutions.
Kookmin University, a distinguished private institution in South Korea, holds a preeminent position in the academic realm. Dr. Chairul Hudaya conveyed his longstanding acquaintance with Dr. Yeong Min Jang, emphasizing their frequent interactions and collaborations. Notably, Kookmin University has been a vital collaborator for UTS, facilitating enriching academic exchanges such as sending UTS lecturer Mr. Herfandi for advanced studies. Adding to the tapestry, individuals like Mr. Sofyan and UTS Mechanical Engineering alumnus Mr. Farizein proudly represent Indonesian academia as esteemed ambassadors at Kookmin University.
In recognizing Kookmin University’s strengths in IoT, Communication, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dr. Chairul Hudaya underscored the tremendous potential embedded in this collaborative venture. The comprehensive MoU encapsulates a spectrum of collaborative opportunities, including dynamic lecturer and staff exchanges, vibrant student exchange programs, joint research initiatives, the publication of scholarly works, active participation in seminars and academic meetings, the exchange of academic materials, and an information-sharing platform. Additionally, the envisioned inclusion of special short-term academic programs enhances the richness of this collaborative pact.
Peering into the future, UTS envisions this MoU as a catalyst for transformative opportunities within its academic community. The goal is not only to foster exchanges but also to create an environment where UTS lecturers and alumni can immerse themselves in academic pursuits at Kookmin University, thus propelling knowledge exchange and collaboration to new heights. Rector Chairul Hudaya concluded with an optimistic outlook, envisioning a future where both institutions thrive through this synergistic partnership.

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