Sumbawa University of Technology’s Hattrick! Receives 3 Awards for the 2023 Diktiristek Award

The Sumbawa University of Technology has made another achievement. Hat trick! This time UTS won 3 awards at once in the 2023 Diktiristek Award with the categories, Best International Cooperation (silver winner), Best Government / NGO Cooperation (silver winner), and Best Industrial Cooperation (Bronze winner) at the awarding night held on 13/12/2023 in Jakarta.

The award was received directly by UTS Rector Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D accompanied by UTS Director of Foreign Cooperation Eri Sofiatry M.Sc, and Head of Sub-Directorate of Domestic Cooperation UTS Vivin Nila Rakhmatullah, S.S., M.A.

“Alhamdulillah, this time we won 3 awards. This is an increase from the previous year. This award itself was held as a place to appreciate universities and higher education partners in implementing the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka policy and IKU 6 which have been implemented by every university, both public and private. Where this is in line with the higher education transformation policy, which states that the function of cooperation in higher education and LLDIKTI is very vital.” Said the Rector.

The cooperation award by Diktiristek is given to PTN and PTS throughout Indonesia who have so far implemented MBKM through their cooperation with various partners in various fields. UTS previously succeeded in becoming a PTS representative from the LLDIKTI VIII region and presented the Cooperation Report (Lapkerma) last November online as an advanced assessment stage by Diktiristek.

As of 2022, UTS has established various collaborations with various fields, both institutions and others. The total cooperation of UTS from January 2022 to June 2023 was 129 collaborations (MoU / NK / Lol and MoA / NK / KK) with details of industrial cooperation totaling 36 collaborations (8 MoU / NK / Lol and 26 MoA / PKS / Work Contract). In terms of government or NGO cooperation, as of January 2022 – June 2023 with the Village Government

75 MoUs, 22 MoAs/PKS/Schools that are implemented in various programs such as the MERDEKA Program (Building Villages for Community Welfare), One Village Ten Engineers Program, UTS Teaching, and Postgraduate Scholarships for Teachers and ASN in Sumbawa Regency and West Sumbawa Regency. Likewise, the international field is highlighted, one of which is the establishment of cooperation with universities included in the QS 100 list based on the field of science. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP), National University of Singapore (NUS), UTS partner in organizing the LKYSPP-IN-ASIA experiential learning program is ranked # 4 in the world based on science (Social Policy & Administration), which then fosters other positive things.

“Congratulations to the entire Warek IV Team, the Directorate of Domestic Cooperation (KDN) Team, and the Foreign Cooperation Team (KLN) who obtained the silver and bronze Medal of the 2023 Diktiristek Award. Of course, we are very grateful for this achievement, considering how previously our efforts in hacking collaborations with industry, building international networks, and others were not easy for campuses located in Eastern Indonesia. These efforts continue to bear sweet fruit, this year we won 3 after the previous year won 2. Thank you to all UTS academicians, lecturers, and students, who continue to try together to realize various things for our beloved campus. Our appreciation also goes to our strategic partners, the government, and the community, who actively collaborate and support UTS.” Concluded the Rector

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