For the very first time, UTS graduates students with diffables along with 556 other bachelor and master degree

The story from graduation ceremony; UTS diffable students celebrate their accomplishment for the first time along with  556 other students

This year, UTS reaches its decade of age with plenty of special moments. Among all the great memories, for the first time, UTS graduates six diffable students from the Dance Art, Indonesian Literature, and Science Communication departments. These special students surpassed all the challenges they faced when proper facilities for diffables were still limited or not to say inexistent, especially in Sumbawa. Moreover, a class set up as well as the teachers for them has not been designed yet. However, they drew a big smiles not only for their parents but also for UTS academia. They inspire people and prove that they can go beyond their limits and moreover show that UTS can be a comfortable learning home for everyone.

Sumbawa University of Technology (UTS) once again commenced new bachelor’s and masters. This was marked by the graduation procession of 562 students consisting of 509 undergraduate students and 53 master’s students. This joyful and much-awaited event took place at the UTS Creative Public Space (RPK) on Thursday (31/8/2023). The graduates came from 21 study programs from 7 faculties and with 20 study programs, a Graduate School.

This biennale event was attended by regional officers such as the regional secretary of Sumbawa, Deputy Regent of West Sumbawa, Fud Syaifuddin ST, the head of LLDIKTI Region 8 Dr. I Gusti Lanang Bagus Eratodi, Sumbawa Police Chief, Dandim 1607 Sumbawa, Vice Rector, Senate Members, Faculty Deans / Graduate School Directors, graduates’ families, and UTS strategic partners such as Indonesian state-owned enterprises. A special present from the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara as well as the founder of UTS, Dr. H. Zulkieflimansyah, M.Sc who delivered his inspirational speech about how to behave and respect other human beings. He emphasized that having a better GPA can be pointless if one cannot humanize others. Moreover, he encouraged the graduates to be an optimistic person by concluding a happy ending story while he shared a popular folklore from Thailand that does not have an ending.

UTS Rector, Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D in his speech, congratulated the graduates and hoped that this success would be the beginning and gateway to great success in the future. Moreover, he specifically congratulates the parents who have trusted UTS to be home of learning for their child.
“We also congratulate the parents who continue to accompany your studies. There are no words that we should say, other than apologizing if there are still many shortcomings while educating your children,” said the Rector.
Furthermore, Chairul said that the UTS has always been a home for anyone. “Even though we have become alumni, this Eagle Campus will always be open for us”
According to him, educating the young eagle–the nickname for students and alumnae of UTS– is likened to seeds from a variety of plants, and the campus is a nursery for sowing them, giving enough fertilizer, compost, and water so that they continue to grow.

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