NgebUTS took part in the Exhibition of Custom Modification of Four-Wheeled and two-Wheeled Vehicles

NgebUTS took part in the Four-Wheeled and two-Wheeled Vehicle Custom Modification Exhibition themed Acceleration of Regulations for The Costum of Four-Wheeled and Two-Wheeled Vehicles held at Park 23 Creative Hub, Bali on Friday–Last Saturday (24-25 September 2021). This activity was initiated by Peter Kho Founder of The Electric Vehicle Community Indonesia. Followed by electric motor assemblers in Bali, participating in electric vehicles from NTB namely Le bui, NgebUTS and Matrik B.

The visit by The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Manparekraf) Sandiaga Uno, as well as the Chairman of the Indonesian Mpr and Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo certainly gave a breath of fresh air to the IKM that makes this electric vehicle. This is a sign that the government’s full support for the creation of environmentally friendly modes of transportation is not a mere figment. Through this exhibition also becomes a place to campaign for people to immediately migrate to electric vehicles. In addition, this activity is also a form of support for automotive modifiers who are now also starting to modify many vehicles by converting fuel oil vehicles into electric motors.

NgebUTS team represented by Ahmad Jaya, M.T expressed gratitude to the organizers and also the NTB Provincial Industry Office who have facilitated the IKM so that NgebUTS can be introduced to more places and circles.

“With this activity we hope ngebUTs can be known by the wider community, soon the community can use NgebUTS for daily activities.” Jaya said.

UTS Rector Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D. said, “To support the government’s efforts in reducing the impact of climate change, all parties must be actively involved. NgebUTS eco-friendly tansportation mode is one of our joint efforts to make this happen. Through events like this, NgebUTS hopefully becomes more known not only in the area, but increasingly widespread. NgebUTS adalag SALUTS (UTS-Style Solution) which we offer to facilitate the community in the future. We have other SalUTS that we will continue to develop as needed on the ground. Congratulations Team NgebUTS.” Concluded Rector

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