Entrepreneurship at the center of the debate

UTS was present at the 2nd FEALAC (Forum for Southeast Asia-Latin America Cooperation) Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean (SEA-LAC) an international  Academic Dialogue Forum organized by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). This forum constituted a space for theoretical discussions regarding the idea of inclusive and sustainable development. UTS attended and made its contribution. In this opportunity, Mauro Nicolas Scabuzzo Head of International Academic Affairs at UTS was a keynote speaker in the debate and shared with the international audiences the challenges and opportunities of culture-based entrepreneurs in eastern Indonesia, especially in Sumbawa Recency.

 The sustainability of culture-based entrepreneurship in rural areas is a complex challenge,  that requires integration between human and natural resources in traditional societies and to foster them it is necessary the support of public and private sectors. In this matter, the challenges are multiple, encompassing numerous factors and dimensions.  During the dissertation, it was highlighted that the culture of Sumbawa opens an endless possibility of generating culture-based entrepreneurship based on innovation,  originality, and capable of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the community. Nevertheless, one of the biggest challenges is to find markets that goes beyond the immediate region.  

UTS understands entrepreneurship as a driving force capable of generating new sources of employment and at the same time preserving the culture. Aware of its importance of  UTS has begun with the development of an ecosystem that supports and encourages students with the creation of new ventures and start-ups based on local talents and resources. Among the most relevant actions that UTS has initiated, it can be mentioned the opening of a new study program in  Entrepreneurship under the Faculty of Economics and Business and  the UTS business incubator. All these actions and more,  aim to accelerate the creation of ventures in Sumbawa and surrounding regions. At UTS students can transform their ideas into promising business. 

Many academic debates and research that address the topic of Entrepreneurship mainly focus on the large urban centers relegating the peripheral areas, leaving them unexplored and unorganized without a deeper understanding of the challenges and potential that the rural areas have. UTS’s contribution to the academic forum was to put the rural areas of eastern Indonesia at the center of the debate and invite the audiences to rethink how to contribute to the sustainable empowerment of communities while preserving their traditions in those areas that are often forgotten.



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