Sumbawa dubbed as ‘Tana Intan Bulaeng’ is not without reason. In addition to cultural wealth, biodiversity, even mineral wealth in Sumbawa has been recognized. The commodity gold is one of the most interesting things. We know together that NTB as one of the gold mining centers in Indonesia, let’s call it Amman Mineral, East Sumbawa Maining, Dodo Rinti, and so on. In addition, it also has people’s mines or traditional mines, which are managed by the people but tend to be conventional management and endanger the safety of miners.

Mining in conventional means has serious risks. For example, the people’s mine in Mount Labaong located in the District of Lape Sumbawa, which had caused an uproar in 2012. People’s mines run by the surrounding community that do not pay attention to safety standards take hundreds of victims, due to the wrong mining process, causing landslides of the rest of the excavation and hoarding the miners.

This is one of uts lighters to make efforts to increase knowledge to the public about the importance of expertise in the field of mining for safety. In addition, UTS currently also has one major that is being submitted, namely Mining Engineering. Through a meeting between UTS Rector Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D. and ESDM Minister Arifin Tasrid in Mataram in September, he has spawned a cooperation signing related to the construction of an Education and Training Center or Center of Excelent (COE) for mining and gold seed processing actors who are still carrying out mining by conventional means. COE is intended to provide education to the mining community related to good and correct mining.

UTS Rector Chairul Hudaya, Ph.D. said, “We know that the people who run this traditional mine are still many in Sumbawa, for that it is necessary to provide some kind of technical and non-technical training related to mining so that mining managed by the people can be run or implemented as safely and efficiently as possible, using newer technologies. With the Center of Excelent or This Training Center later, the actors of mining and processing gold seed activities can maximize their knowledge and ability in the field of mining.”

He further stated that UTS will provide 2ha of land for the purposes of the construction of the mining education and training center in the UTS environmental area.

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