Student Exchange Program

As part of one of the exchange programs that UTS offers in cooperation with our partner universities, 5 UTS international students are currently studying for one semester at a university in the heart of the country. Without doubts,  this program enriches the learning experience of our students, allowing them to gain a wider understanding of this wonderful country. By experiencing life in two realities that make up the nation; rural and urban Indonesia. While studying at UTS students can enjoy the natural beauty that our island offers, and they get a sense of the community life that only can be found in rural areas. By studying for one semester in Jakarta, students can experience life in a metropolis, in the capital of the country. This program is designed for international students to learn from the contrasts of the nation. We believe that studying overseas is an immersive experience, and learning goes beyond the classroom. Our learners are studying at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN), a university known for providing top-level education.  The courses that students are taking at UMN are transferable to their studies at UTS. With great effort to provide the best educational service, it was agreed with our partner university that UMN will cover the tuition fees, 

 accommodation, and a language course while UTS will provide financial support, airfare, stipend, and medical insurance to 5 UTS international students. The coordination and efforts between both universities are intended to make the exchange program an unforgettable experience.


This program enables students to; 

  • Improve language skills
  • Experience a different style of teaching
  • Enhance their network
  • Learn about new cultures and perspectives
  • Develop their confidence and sets of soft skills. 
  • See the world
  • Discover opportunities

Last month, Eri Sofiatry Director of Global Partnership at UTS visited UMN to monitor the implementation of the program, he was warmly received by the authorities of the university and the participants expressed their joy at being part of this program.  At UTS we work to provide students with the best educational service and to make their experience at UTS unforgettable. We believe that the benefits of studying abroad are endless. 

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